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10 Quintessential Questions

Elevate your leadership journey with Suyin Aerts' 10 key questions. Gain insights from 21 inspiring individuals. Explore success, vulnerability, and passion for a transformative leadership experience.

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When I first started writing this book, I started with a conversation between myself and a little girl. That little girl was me, my inner child, asking me questions, showing me a mirror so I can see who I’ve become. Somewhere along the way, we tend to forget about our inner child, but we must remember them, because that is our true self.


The emphasis on the right questions is key, but there is no magic formula for the right question. A good question is one that takes into account who you’re asking, where you are, what situation you’re in and many other factors. Sometimes it’s an open question, sometimes it’s a closed question.


Sometimes you need to reframe what other people have said before you make a decision. You need to make sure you’re talking about the same thing, that you both understand. In my role as a moderator, I see this a lot. Our background, our experiences can make us understand something in a different way to the person sitting next to us who heard the same question.

Despite hearing the same question, both our background and experiences can make us understand something in a different way from the person sitting next to us.


To be a good leader, interviewer, entrepreneur or a strong person, you need to ask the right questions.

However, you should also know that it’s not only the question that matters but the answer, which will dictate the next portion of your interview, the next step for your company or your next big life decision. But be careful. If you ask the wrong question, you might head off on the wrong path and make a wrong decision. Through 10 key questions and 21 interviews, Suyin Aerts explores what you can learn from yourself and others. This book will inspire you to become a better leader.

21 interesting


For this book I wanted to hear from people that inspire me and have them share their inspirational insights and takes on life.

  • Angelique Van Ombergen

  • Ann Wauters

  • Dan Vandevoorde

  • Daria Nashat

  • Elke Van Hoof

  • Hassan Al Hilou

  • Ihsane Haouach

  • Isabella Lenarduzzi

  • Itay Talgam

  • Jasmina Vermeulen

  • Joseph Oubelkas

  • Kevin Karena

  • Mathieu Gram

  • Malene Birger

  • Marion Debruyne

  • Max D.

  • Marc Noppen

  • Philippe Bailleur

  • Piet Goddaer (Ozark Henry)

  • Rachid Haevelaerts

  • Rudi Vranckx

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