Suyin Aerts
April 13, 2018


How do you manage? Do you have more hours in a day? Do you never sleep? Some people ask me that kind of questions. Discipline and planning I would say! Many people think that disciplined people have a lack of freedom. But actually it is the other way around, at least in my opinion. Only people who are truly disciplined are truly free. Undisciplined  people are very often slave of moods and passions. The fact to get prepared gives me peace of mind that I handle, that I am in control  and that I, myself decide how to react on unforeseen situations. When you get on a stage you have to be in control, you have to be prepared. Most people understand that. No show without a good preparation, and the best shows look like they are not prepared, but trust me they are! You also need to be able to think what else you need to be prepared for in other jobs and tasks you need to do. Whether you are an entrepreneur or not. As a trained Project manager (PMBOK) I think in projects : what is the scope, what is the timing, what about the costs, what is the desired quality, and very important what human resources work on the project and how do we communicate with one another. Do we need to procure something and what are the risks to take into account? At the end of the day you want all stakeholders happy and informed on progress and status. So again, communication is key. I believe that the projects we work on nowadays asks us to be flexible and agile, as almost every project will have adaptations or changes on its way to the end. The challenge is to stay creative even if we work against the clock. Time management and discipline, teach it to your children. Handtekening Suyin (1)
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