Suyin Aerts
April 20, 2018

Hygge, is that a dinosaur?

Hygge is a tricky word to define, it's a feeling, an experience, a sensation. It means creating a warm atmosphere. It is enjoying the good things in life with good people. It is something that you can discover but it is also defined by the activity that you can do. From meeting up with friends to taking time on your own to work on your hobby, whatever that may be, that's hygge. It is a challenge for a busy mum, a female entrepreneur, a partner, a friend, a freelance moderator, a president of a network, find the time to be able to slow down. But sometimes, I remember myseld, 1 only have 1 health (that was already challenged before) Like every human being, I need to keep in balance, because when you get in will have a very high price to pay.  And I am just not willing to pay that price, I will keep my money and time for other things. Even if you live 9 lives at a time, like I do (and what gives me a lot of energy), I do slow down from time to time. And if comes in the correct dose(a very personal thing by the way the dose you need) then you feel great after your slow down moment. DSC00055 (1).jpg   So yes, with my GLDN sweater, cool jeans, ideally after a run outside on a sunny day, enjoying a cappuccino in the couch. Hearing my girls playing in the garden and my partner reading the newspapers....hygge may have started. To create the space and time to do nothing but enjoy the little things with family and friends. But the real beauty of hygge, for a social animal as I am, is that you can hygge on your own or in a group. It's those those magical moments in life that are completely stress free, entirely without complications, where everything feels right and will become a memory to cherish forever.  Enjoy Handtekening Suyin (1)
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