Suyin Aerts
April 27, 2018

Are we all publishers now?

The social web has made us all publishers and marketers. We all can publish and market without seeking permission or paying for it. Our creations and art can be transformed into digital formats. Recording and re-producing your knowledge and art on digital platforms puts the power in your hands. The social web has also transformed my life. It has amplified my creations and humanity. It started with a passionate curiosity. The engine room was developing a habit of daily creation and publishing. Then I built an audience and community before I needed them. I created, published and shared my views on different topics, and the world showed up, liked, reacted, shared. Suyin-signature (1) It’s up to you about where you want to take your life or your tribe, but I think it is very important to think about who you really are before making public. But the real question we find it acceptable that we all have the power to become publishers now? Does the world knows and realizes that fake news is around? That Wikepedia is not necessary the truth?   Yes we can build a business, influence an industry, go on the speaking circuit or leave it as a passion project that feeds our soul.  But before you share your ideas, think it over before you post because your ideas, quotes, pictures, stories,... might follow you forever. Are you completely ok with that?  It is up to you. The power is in your hands. Handtekening Suyin (1)  
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