Suyin Aerts
May 4, 2018

About dreams and money

"I do not like to think about money so I need a lot! " recently a very successful entrepreneur told me, when we were chatting on social media. And I understood him completely. I do think the real peace of mind is when you have enough money and not too much so you never should worry about money anymore. If I could continue realizing in my live what I truly dream about (and I have so many dreams ahead and every day a new one pops up) then I think I will indeed earn money and that money earned will help me and my children to realize the bucket list of dreams. When in your job and spare time you are able to spent time with people that you love and that inspire you, then you are lucky. We will all have to work longer, but is that a problem working longer, or an opportunity to really look for a job that gives you energy? I never feel like someone forces me to do my work , I do have deadlines to respect,  like we all have but never let that deadline limit your creativity. I do have bills to pay (quite logic as an entrepreneur, you pay some, you get some paid) But nobody shouts at me to say: go out there and make money and save it! For the moment I do not dream about retiring, I only hope I can always continue creating value for this world that we are living on.  And therefore I do like this quote of Michelle Obama 1732751-Michelle-Obama-Quote-Success-isn-t-about-how-much-money-you-make.jpg If in our lives we are able to buy what we want to buy, eat healthy food, drink clean water, be in great places, live in a safe country, create a home that feels like home, visit places in the world and meet people of different cultures with different backgrounds and make that difference in people's lives, yes we might need money.  But the real result of your work is not the money you make, but how much love did life made you feel. Enjoy every moment of the dream you are living. Handtekening Suyin (1)  
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