Suyin Aerts
May 11, 2018


  We all talk a lot about what we do, but we should put more focus on why we do it.” What gives us an answer, why gives us understanding. While we each have our own why, they very often share a common core. That core is a need. That "why" is one of toughest questions to answer, but everyone has one deeply imprinted into them. It are not the things you do that make you unique, there are thousands of things that we do the same.  But it is your story, your reason for doing what you do, that makes you unique. That is how you leave your mark on your work as well as connect to those who witness it.

We should not discover this why passively, but to remember it actively. The real you, the irreplaceable undeniably unique you.


Let me be clear, remembering why can be a painful process. Your why can come from an uncomfortable place or because of a traumatic event, but it is yours. Own it. We need your why, we need your voice and we need your purpose.

The things you do will evolve and change. The reason you do whatever you choose will however remain constant. Each one of us has a unique gift that was given to us. Our life, experiences, family, environment or whatever has a way of trying to make us suppress it. Listen to that voice that is nagging yearning to be heard. Sometimes it will take some dramatic event in order for us to really hear that “voice” for ourselves.

So, whatever the catalyst whether it’s a near-death experience, birth of a child, career change, or even a frank conversation with a friend, find a reason to acknowledge, accept and share your why.

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