Suyin Aerts
July 6, 2018

Living with an entrepreneur

If you’ve never run a business, it’s easy to criticize the owner. What’s a lot more difficult is actually being the owner.

These days, it’s common to criticize people at the top, whether that’s at the top of an organization, a company, or even society. And certainly, there is corruption among those with great power and wealth. But there is also virtue.

I believe being an entrepreneur is an honorable calling, one that requires great responsibility. So before you take that next time into trying to start a business, ask yourself if you’re ready for what it’s going to require of you.

Entrepreneurs take the risks no one else will take

Entrepreneurs pay the costs no one else will pay

Entrepreneurs get the reward no one else will get

It is about having a vision, afterwards,  everyone sees the vision. It’s easy to believe in something after it’s successful. The hard part was when the entrepreneur saw it before anyone else.

Entrepreneurship is not gambling, no matter how many click-bait articles you read that would tell you otherwise.

The most successful entrepreneurs are smart with their money and often fiscally conservative. They take risks but almost always risk they’re able to recover from.

Great entrepreneurs understand that reward does not come without risk. And they realize that reward does not come without rewarding others.


Every great business owner I’ve met was not only a risk-taker; they were a giver.

So it’s not about gambling. It’s about generosity. It’s about being bold. You give, not take, your way to the top. And every smart entrepreneur I know understands this. You can, of course, be greedy and enjoy the short-term benefits of running a company, but that success will likely be short-lived.

The best way to succeed as an entrepreneur is to bring others on the journey with you. I am happy to have an entrepreneur as my partner, as being entrepreneurs together is such a great journey.

The world is waiting to see your vision. Just don’t be surprised if they don’t see it until after you’ve succeeded.   Handtekening Suyin (1)
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