Yes conflicts also arise in performant teams with authentic leaders, but they are a sign of life, they arise when people actually think about their work.

They are actually gifts, because people who think will always differ from each other, and so if they find it important to share their opinion with passion, then that is an offer that you have to grasp with both hands.

Because if 2 people have the same opinion then 1 of them is superfluous ………

You have to go to a win / win situation. Otherwise, if there is a loser that will lead to resentment in the long term.

How are you going to do that: ask yourself how you can both move forward in a situation, look for the third alternative that is better than anything you can achieve alone.

So you should not go for a compromise, where all parties have to admit and surrender.  You have to think about that third alternative.

So do not quarrel to reach an agreement but  ask yourself the question : are you willing to go for a third alternative?


So work together, communicate together, creating things together, that the same people would not be able to achieve if they did not work together.

Appreciate differences; the mental emotional and psychological differences between people. That is the essence of synergy.

How can you value these differences? By realizing that all people do not see the world as it is but as they are.

So not finding a compromise is a good sign, that is to say that there is a possibility for synergy, to a third alternative.

But that requires trust, trust is essential and the best ingredient for effective communication, trust is the highest human motivator

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