If you want to stand out and have people remember you, then you have to show some sort of emotion.

Your efforts should aim to be both timely and timeless, in the sense that what resonates today should still be able to resonate with people further down the road.

Before you even begin thinking about what sort of “message” you want to share, ask yourself if the information is actually valuable to a reader.

If you describe your company by saying, “We are a disruptive, game-changing solution,” then delete, delete, delete, and try again. Every company says they’re disruptive now. And the truth is, most aren’t disrupting anything.

Just say what you do as a company or a person

Strategy doesn’t come before action—it comes during. You can’t know what’s going to resonate without putting something out into the world.

_MG_9075 Notaristips Kanaal Z

If you’re going to stand for something, then stand for it. Say what you believe, and say what you don’t believe. Say what matters, and also say what doesn’t matter. The fastest way to a reader’s heart is to tell them, right at the beginning, “This is what I think—take it however you want.

In everything in life, consistency is everyone’s challenge. It’s also the differentiator between those who succeed and those who fail.

Write something. Publish it somewhere. See who pays attention to it. Repeat.

People don’t care about what you do. They care about how you do it. They care about how you became the person you are, how you learned what you’ve learned, and how your experiences have shaped you and the beliefs you hold today.

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