All great athletes have coaches, they have a team of coaches  most of the time. And although you are maybe not a top athlete, you could also think of getting a coach.

Because it is important for all  human beings to reach their peak. And to get there, most of us need support. Someone supporting us at home, i.e. family and friends, and we also need support and advice from experts and mentors.

Personally, I am not that bad at reaching the goals I set for myself (but I am an ex topsporter and my mind was formed as an athlete).

But when I have a support team of professionals around me I just perform better.

I also feel as if I have a kind of own tribe, a group of people that support and help me whenever I need it. And I have supportive friends and family. All this is behind my successes. Most of us do not walk alone! Luckily.


It is sad to realize that the coaching industry sometimes looks like a bubble, a bubble ready tu burst. A bubble occurs when the price range of an asset or product being offered in the market far exceeds the inherent value of that asset.

There are many great coaches creating incredible successes for their clients that far exceed the price of their coaching.

Most people drawn to the coaching industry started because they want to help. They love people. They want to make their lives better.

But being a good coach doesn’t mean you’ll automatically create financial success. Being a good salesperson is what creates financial success.

When a bubble bursts, values fall. Does this mean you have to lower your prices? Maybe. Maybe not. Even in a bubble when an asset is priced to value it generally retains its value.

Some coaches stopped seeing their job, their craft as something to be trained and developed. It should be and stay an investment of time, skill and expertise.

So yes take a coach, definitely, but follow your gut feeling because you need this magic click with your coaches. And when they create value and they bring you to a higher level , you will be very happy to pay their price.

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