Suyin Aerts
September 28, 2018

Why sometimes you just need to keep it

Why I decided to say yes and how I became the first ambassador of many others that followed me for the Just Keep it challenge? Let me start by explaining what  #JKI is: From the 1st October to 21st of October 2018, the amazing sisters Gwenny & Yoneko Nurtantio launched the first 21 days challenge "Just Keep It" To encourage the reduction of food waste by focusing on the economic benefit it has beside the fact it is also very important for our planet. When I gave a keynote at VUB university last year, Gwenny was in the room. I was there to talk about the importance of networking. After the lecture she came to talk to me, she said : " You just told us we need to have the guts to come and talk to people and ask for a favor in case we need one, wel I want to ask you something..." Some days later we met together with her sister, Yoneko, another very powerful young and talented lady. They both stole my heart from the moment I met them. I am very much into helping young entrepreneurial women, and this girls had it all. They were very passionate about the project. I told them it was a great idea, that I was convinced it was gonna work. And I said yes( even before reading their book "Zero Gaspi"   :-)) Because their energy was so overwhelming and they were so focused, without being pushy, ...I was so sure of the beauty of the project and I told them I just felt I wanted to help them by following my heart. img_Panorama_Accueilgris I told them I would give them names of other ambassadors and that they need to follow me on social media as many other names would pop up that might be good ambassadors for the challenge. And that's exactly what they did... And look at the list of ambassadors now! Amazing. I am so proud of them. And beside the fact that these girls are real entrepreneurs, I think it is important that all of us start thinking about how and what we consume and why we consume? How can we we consume better, make less waste, eat healthier, help our own health and that of others... It made me think of my father, when we were young he said to me and my sister: " Girls, my restaurant is 'le roi des restants  -'the king of the rests'", and each time he showed us you do not need to throw those rests away, but when you are creative and you think out of the box  you can make a delicious meal again. And I realize a lot is in education, we need to educate our children about how we consume. So people, follow the Facebook Page, check out the website and meet the ambassadors. img_Panorama_AccueilNLgris But moreover, join us for the 21 days of challenge: Just Keep It!  And start tomorrow by thinking out of the fridge and dare to make new creative combinations. Good Luck! Handtekening Suyin (1)  
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