Suyin Aerts
October 5, 2018

The rat race for happiness

A friend of mine shared an amazing short movie earlier this week. It is a story about how we take part in a rat race for happiness, why do we do this, I was wondering, and I think some things we cannot explain. Sometimes we get caught, and we do not even realize that we are part of a circle closing slowly but surely around us. And that circle does not makes us happy, it just makes us run, run for ourselves we think, although very often we run for others, without remembering why. And the why after all is the most important thing. Do you get up in the morning enjoying the sunshine when the sun is shining? Do you feel happy when you can just stand in the rain when it rains ? And that you do not have to think, hurrah water because I am thirsty...Are you happy when your children wake up healthy every morning? Are you happy your kids can go to school? Are you happy your parents are alive and healthy? Are you happy you have a job? Are you happy you have family surrounding you? Are you happy when you make new friends? Are you happy when you book your next holiday? Are you happy the cake you made was nice to eat? Are you happy someone comes to pick up your garbage? Are you happy there is a radio playing music? Are you happy you can read any newspaper you like? Are you happy you can share your political and other ideas with the people around you? Rat Race - A short film story by Steve Cutts Are you? Do you sometimes remember you are? Do you realize things can change, do you realize some people are not having the little happiness you do not even cherish? Are you happy with your big car? Are you happy with the title on your business card? Are you happy with the degrees of your children? Are you happy with your bricks? Are you happy you will have a big heritage? Are you happy with the pounds you lost? Do you sometimes put things in perspective again... Welcome to the rat race! Sometimes you need to push the pauze button and enjoy all those tiny little happy moments. And to start, watch this award-wining movie, from Steve Cutts trust me it is absolutely brilliant! Handtekening Suyin (1)      
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