Suyin Aerts
October 12, 2018

Really? Can we make Calihero’s of the Calimero’s?

Do you know that feeling...this is only happening to me? Why me again? Calimero knows what you are talking about. This was also what happened on the moment I made this amazing little girl on the picture, but I can tell you she is a HERO. During a seminar Happiness @work this week, I heard several great keynotes and I came home with some takeaways that I want to share, as they confirm some things I say in my keynotes as well, things I also shared with this 12 year old girl when I met her in Brussels when she was thinking she was a Calimero but she was a Calihero because she did not wanted to give up. How tears became a smile after all. Ann Baeke confirmed how import it is to be in the moment, stop being to much of a perfectionist, get prepared but enjoy the now. Try to find out what thoughts always sabotages you at work and do something about it. When you decide to be a leader, drop the masks and lead without a mask and remember engagement of a team depends for 70% on the relation someone has with its leader. Marc Lammers says in sports it is logic we have goals, what would a hockey or football match be when you take the goals away? Strange? Well make sure you have a goal for the team you work with and make sure everyone feels connected to that goal. Every game, every business every person needs goals. And indeed Marc, I could not agree more : "danger is real but fear is a choice" . dream-goal-deadline Tell your team they can improve, it is totally different than when you would tell them they need to change. People do not like change and if they want to change it is only possible when it is their own decision. And together everyone achieves more. Watch this movie where Derek Redmond does not give up even if he is not the winner and remember when you do not give up you cannot fail. For Joost Callens everything came down to this: you need love in the team. First connect with people only then you will be able to guide them on the path you are going to walk together. Arko van Brakel had an interesting idea : "make sure you are the mediator between people and their dreams and use the silent forces in the team." The magic happens the moment norms are devised for the values in a company. Be in control but stop controlling people, you can trust humankind that they will look for the right answers to the questions of the world. And how a plank can change someones this trailer brain Almost time for me to go to the next event but I could watch Elke Geraerts, she convinced us that multitasking is not something you will do better the more you do it.  Just stop doing it and learn to focus again, train your brain. From now on I start with my elephants in the morning and leave the rabbits in their hutch a little longer. And as Leonard Cohen says :" how can you begin something new with all of yesterday still in you?" And when we do what Elke says we can, yes we can, make a Cali-Hero from a Calimero. So to wrap it up: Enjoy and be in today, do not be afraid of tomorrow, chase your dreams rather then rabbits and do it with love for humankind and believe that your change will also change the world. And never ever give up on your dreams. Handtekening Suyin (1)      
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