Suyin Aerts
October 26, 2018

Mixing people, a passion!

What is networking about for me? Why do I organise events where I bring people together? I want to share my idea with you as last week, on a networking event I talked to someone that told me he hated networking. He felt that networking was fake and was as sales talk without any problem that was to solve. And he said what he wanted to do in his business is solve peoples problems. And I agree normally that is what you to right? When you sell you give a solution for a problem. At least that is what I do in my business, I hope you too? I got a LinkedIn connection from him the day after our talk and a message telling me that he understand that networking was different after we talked and that made me smile. And you know why? Well one of my passionsmissions in live is about mixing people, relate them to one another and then wait until magic happens. images Meeting a group of people will make you do something that is a very human reflex, you want to go to those you know and those who are like you. But you should also try to meet those that are different from you. Because there is such a variety of people out there, but with the same values and when we unite we can lift the world to a higher level. I really like to organize things and bring people together, because when you bring people together that do not have anything to do with one another you will see that they will enlarge their network and go behind the prejudices they might have, they will change their ideas on a certain group of people. And when you mix people and you introduce them to one another you should focus on what makes them special, why do they stand out? Go with an open mind to every networking event, you will for sure talk to people you would not have talked to in another setting, you will have to overcome the fear of how do a get from a chitchat conversation to a real conversation. But it is like running, the more you do it the better you will be doing it. I love to bring people together and when I see afterwards I had a little part in the puzzle that created a synergy between two people, I am very happy and I feel like I have been working on world peace even. Because I want to see as much dreams of people turn into reality, I want to ask them the right questions so they can make the right decisions. What kind of legacy do you want to leave behind, do you want to share your wisdom and values with future generations? Handtekening Suyin (1)    
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