Suyin Aerts
November 9, 2018

Help I am bored!

I am sure those of you that have kids know the feeling: "Mum I am bored what are we going to do? " And then you feel angry at first, because you give them so much, so much to discover, so much to do and they dare to say they are bored when they get some free hours! But than you start to think, bored, I wish I had more time in a week to be bored. When was the last time I felt bored.... Does every emotion has got a purpose? I started reading a little and found out that yes, indeed even boredom, that seems like such a negative, pointless emotion has a point. Imagine a world were we never get bored, we would get excited by everything. But what exactly happens when you get bored that ignites your imagination?  Well when we are bored, we are searching for something to stimulate us that we can’t find in our immediate surroundings. suyin rijden So we might try to find that stimulation by wandering in our minds and going to someplace in our heads. That is what can stimulate creativity, because once you start daydreaming and allow your mind to wander, you start thinking beyond the conscious and into the subconscious. Boredom is the gateway to mind-wandering, which helps our brains create those new connections that can solve anything Daydreaming is different from many other forms of distraction. Your thoughts will tell you something about where your life is and how you feel about where it is. And yes I am going to be honest about myself, I am not that good anymore in being bored, as like other things in life, at a certain age it becomes more difficult, it feels like I need to learn to be bored again... daydreaming is complicated sometime. Especially with a smart phone in your hand all the time. The next time when it feels I am wasting time when I wait for the longest red light in the world to turn green, I will leave my smartphone in my bag and go for a walk in my brain and see what my brain is putting into ideas .... Creativity rules! Handtekening Suyin (1)    
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