Suyin Aerts
November 23, 2018


It is a responsibility for us as parents to give our children the right to make choices in live, we need to understand that decisions need to be made. Decisions on how we want to live our lives as adults. We need to live our live by understanding also that we have a responsibility to others, when you see survivors of war, famine, rape, you need to understand that for some people this is what live is about. So children should understand how fortunate they are if they have good food to eat, a roof over your their heads and a safe place to live. And we need to be grateful for the joy we have if we have our family and friends safe and healthy. And if they are not we need to help them to get better in one way or another or at least be there... Although I do not understand why I am so lucky I was born with the chances that I had and why I to have this path in life. And somewhere in the world there is another women, my age, with the same talents, same abilities and maybe the same desires. But she can only worry about what her children can eat and how to keep them safe. And that makes me think of my parents, how hard they have worked to give us this life, these opportunities, to get an education, to find out what our passions are. And I think very often how lucky I was when at 18 I told them: "I want to know if I can really be a professional ballerina!" Suyindancer They just let me go for that uncertain career even though I could have become an engineer by the age of 23. And yes I had the talent and yes I worked hard as a dancer,  but I did not yet know it was even going to be a tougher cookie. It was a life with many sacrifices to make for that one dream. But every topsporter will confirm this. However I would still make the same choice knowing what I know now. Was it easy?  No it was not. Did I reach my final goal, dancing at NDT? No I did not, because a serious health problem decided something different for me. But no regrets for me. Very grateful that my parents thought me that in life choices need to be made. You have a dream, dare to go for it, dare to make the choice. So I try to teach my children to be independent, to think for themselves about simple things, but also about more difficult things. I teach them to make choices and to accept that rarely you know when you make a choice how it will turn out. But that there is always a way back,.... unless making children that is quit a radical choice :-) But as long as you can live a life without regrets you should be happy. When you have regrets, get over it and try to feel what your passions are, go for them and dream even bigger than you did yesterday. Because yes we can! Handtekening Suyin (1)  
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