Suyin Aerts
December 7, 2018

The lines…

A long time since I had to memorize my lines every day for the soap series where I was one of the actors of the leading cast. Great memories of being in front of a camera almost every day, not being myself, but playing someone else, looking for that thin line between what looks real, sounds real but is not really you. I should actually let the world know I would love to play a role again...and to be very honest one of the roles I would love to play is the role of Claire Underwood in House of Cards. One of the lines I loved in the last series was: "...playing incompetent is so exhausting... "  I  still do learn a lot of lines now for the work I do as a presenter, host and moderator, but that is different way of learning lines. To start with: I am playing or being myself. But playing myself does also mean adapting to the customer, get the right tone of voice they desire for their event, for their debate & to pass the message they want to pass. In a way I become a part of the organisation I am working for or sometimes challenge the organisation but almost always to make it grow. Because knocking someone down with difficult questions is too easy...I prefer thinking of the more challenging questions, that make a person shine. P-EHa1OQ As a moderator, you need to know your lines, you need to have your timing and flow in your head. You have to be prepared, but on stage you should be so prepared that you can forget about the preparation and be in the moment. Listen to what is said but feel what is not said,  you need to be able to listen in between the lines of the person you are asking questions. And it all comes back to my tagline: "to get the right answers it is important to ask the right questions" As a female entrepreneur with an atypical way of life and a diverse career I have the unfair advantage (read the book of my friend Carole Lamarque) that my questions are different. As if they come from a Kameleon, that knows enough about your business to really understand your answers, but not too much of a specialist that it is interesting and understandable for your audience to listen to your answers. Because after all you want the people in the audience to really listen to your lines, so sometimes a little help to get those lines really right is useful. After all what's in a line? Handtekening Suyin (1)      
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