Suyin Aerts
December 21, 2018

Personal branding

Who I am and why should you care? The truth is, when it comes to building a personal brand, it’s the question on everyone’s lips. Building a brand isn’t about feeding your ego. It’s about giving yourself more opportunities to help and connect with people in your industry. And one of the best ways to build a brand is through blogging, so I decided in March 2018 to start blogging. A big challenge as I decided to write an article every Friday....No goals no glory, right? I call them my Friday Thoughts. What about the Fridays in 2019? I have to start thinking about my goals, what to write, maybe start to plan more and not rely too much on what's on my mind...As there is a lot of my mind but maybe I need to make some choices. Walk my talk when I say planning is key! What about keywords? For the moment I do not care..but I should now better If I want to go to a higher level. What about being an influencer, a role model? For the moment I do one thing : “I try hard to be myself, and to be the best version of myself possible” After all if people come to my brand it is because of me. My motto is in order to get the right answers it is essential to ask the right questions, and that starts with asking myself the right questions. Quote, ...beause to get the right answers it is essential to ask the right questions I am also convinced that an image says more than a thousand words. So I decided to do a first personal branding shoot with Kim Marivoet, she is the only European Photographer selected for this specialized website for Personal Brand Photographers in the US. Her concept is crystal clear : she wants to level-up entrepreneurs and all people who work on their personal brand. check her website For the selection of clothes for this first shoot I could rely on Marleen Beevers, who is a Fashion Psychologist( I-Bloom) that helped me getting the right outfit for every picture, with clothes from June in The City, The Short Way and Les Chatelaines. The Make-Up artist that made the looks go form nude to evening was An Cornelis from Bienswanjee. We could shoot in the magnificent hotel The Dominican in Brussels, thanks to Gilles Devos. A wonderful day it was with some very nice pictures and something we will do soon again for sure. Remember when it comes to personal branding: "you do not take a picture, you make a picture" Handtekening Suyin (1)
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