Suyin Aerts
January 11, 2019

Did you ever recycle an idea?

I was wandering on the internet and I came across a very interesting article. What if you would go into your files and recycle some of your old ideas?

Why did I not think about that that before? I have drafts in many places!

In little booklets I always carry with me in my bag, to write things down,  stuff I see or hear for exemple on events and in keynotes.  Bits of presentations, keynotes, mails, pitches I made before are somewhere on my server or in my cloud. Stuff I shared on social media,... I wrote months ago, years ago, ages ago!

I have a treasure trove of ideas that can be re-used or updated for all kinds of posts and blog articles... Not to forget the many books around my bed, that I read(and yes so many I still have to read).

I think I might call myself an early adopter, which means that sometimes I think of things to early, they did not work out. But they are good ideas, sometimes under developed maybe but they have a potential and I know that I could potentially try to find a way to re-use them. now So maybe instead of looking out of the window and see what tomorrow is bringing what if I bring my ideas of yesterday into tomorrow? With a red ocean sauce or a blue ocean sauce...need to figure that out. I am a bit of a rebel, one of my first boyfriends called me that case he follows my blog he might react...who knows :-) So let's just keep the 'rebel' sauce that changes colors depending on the mood of the audience... Sounds funny, that's what I was thinking at first but then I thought again: and I must admit it is a great idea, to recycle some ideas! In a way it is writing a first draft of a book, take it back in your hands after a while and then you start writing the real book. Writing a book...that's off course also an idea! Help, I get stressed already, my life is going to be to short, hope I can reincarnate and start all over again at that moment. As in a game: please try again :-) Handtekening Suyin (1)
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