Suyin Aerts
February 1, 2019

Does the future just happens?

I believe the future doesn’t just happen — we shape it every day. And January is that month of the year to look ahead, to make some professional and some personal goals.  And when you run a company that is a challenge. What are the opportunities and what are the risks?  To look 1 year ahead seems impossible, when you are in business for some time you know it is sometimes even hard to think about the next quarter. But futurists, people who think and write about what’s to come, advise that we need to be thinking years or even decades down the road. And I must say I think it is a mindset : to be proactive, instead of insisting on a focus on your immediate business priorities tomorrow, try to also keep your head up, your eyes open, and your mind curious. Take responsibility for identifying disruptions in your industry and think about how you are going to train your team to cope with them. Remember that the future doesn’t just happen — we shape it every day. quoteplanfortheworstandhopeforthebest We should dare to think further ahead! And do not forget to always ask yourselves what assumptions you are making, especially the ones we don’t know about. Futurist say we need to pay attention to new patterns and trends that are slowly popping up through the market or society.  It’s about coming up with possible scenarios for the future given these developments. I am not a futurists but I had the change to work on a keynote on the direction I think we should go with healthcare : I wrote a story based on the idea that we get 7 days for the resuscitation of healthcare. Every decisions counts, innovation never happens by coincidence, we need leaders with a strong vision. We need to be able to do it not only imagine it. And we need to do it as a team, that needs to be agile at all times with an extreme focus on the end user and think about how technology will help us to create that 1 on 1 contact with the customer again. And forget about the patient! The word "patient" makes me think about slowly and if anything we need to be fast! The right time for futurist thinking is yesterday! Handtekening Suyin (1)
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