Did you meet some of your real friends after 40? Or are it all surface friends?

I believe personal standards on what friendship can be and could become change with age. So that means you will lose some friends that you thought you were going to have forever.

And that means you have to admit that the standards between you simply changed, because evolution made your paths go further away from each other and no deeper bounding could hold you together.

Some of the people I met after 40, became true friends (and those I am talking about know they are so dear to me)

I even admit I met some friends virtually before we met in real life (but that’s another story for another Friday)…funny to realize that when at 25 you think yo already have those friends for life.

It is sometimes a challenge to cultivatie meaningful friendships, but than again, sometimes things are so easy.  You never have to think of the deeper bound as you can simply feel it.

But how many real “friends” can one have? How many friends do you need?

I think friends come in shapes and sizes. You have some friends that suddenly pop up when they need something, there are the Facebook friends from whom you hide when you see them in real life, there are friends you see after many years and you feel like no time has passed when you meet them again, and than you have those soul mates!


And yes some of my soul mates I have met after 40!

We should take a look at those friendships we have with the soul mates.

We need to realize that sometimes we need to do some weeding in our garden of friendship, because people also have an influence on us.

This can be a good influence, friends that makes you shine, but we also have those that think you are the baxter, with the energy flow passing in one-direction….if you understand what I mean?

Gossiping, bitching and general nastiness between us tends to start at school with those so called friends…

Why do we waste time on bad friendships if all they do is bringing us down and make us feel bad?

But when you focus on the great friends, you will see it creates trust and security. It can and will help you, to talk about positive, meaningful things, like how your life-dreams and aspirations are coming along.

Real friends would never judge, criticize or berate each other, but they would always be honest.

If we’re entitled to choose who our friends are, why aren’t all our friendships good ones?

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