Suyin Aerts
February 22, 2019

Perfection is an illusion…

As a dancer I was already looking for perfection, knowing that if I did one step ahead, another step would present itself straight away, a step to become even better. This was a never ending story, because we already knew perfection was an illusion. The way of working towards perfection is still part of me every day life. But I know that perfection is not real. As a dancer I have learned that trying to work towards perfection does not mean you would ever reach that goal. In fact, there were times when I got the perfect score and people still advised me to strive for better. When you go for perfection, you should start by understanding that perfection is not real because what may be perfect to you may not be perfect to someone else. Furthermore, since perfection is a personal metric, your definition of it will change as you change with time. The quest for perfection has killed many dreams. But it doesn’t have to if you know how to use it the right way. So before you start your creative journey, acknowledge what perfection means to you at that given point in time.

And once you have acknowledged it, remind yourself that this definition will change with time. So stick to this vision, the one at present, and create with abandon!

Quote I try hard to be myself, and to be the beste version of myself possible Think of solutions that could easily be broken down into smaller chunks, so could be achieved in a much smaller amount of time with a high level of quality.

The entire world will never agree on anything. Know that and you will have an easier time navigating life.

Instead, focus on your vision of perfection and aim to achieve that. You will naturally attract people who are on the same wavelength as you.

And think about this : it is a fantasy, not perfection!  Handtekening Suyin (1)
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