Suyin Aerts
April 5, 2019

Addicted to knowledge

I realized some time ago that maybe one of the reason I like what I do, is that each time I moderate a debate, lead a panel, do an interview, ...I learn so many new things. Due on the one hand to the things I need to read to get prepared, but also thanks to the fact I meet al those very inspiring people. People that share their knowledge with me.

We can be addicted to many things, and at this age, I’ve realized that I’m addicted to knowledge, and modern technology indulges my passion because as soon as I wake up, I start reading , I must check the news, the serious ones, the important ones, and even the superficial ones.

Whether you are learning to play a sport or simply trying to create a more accurate mental model of reality in your mind, you are working with a variety of experiences, and within those experiences, you have to choose and reinforce the ones that are the most useful to you.

Our brain is a prediction engine that builds knowledge and gets smarter as it better aligns what it needs to do with the demands of the environment.

Knowledge, whether implicit or explicit, underlies everything that we do.

But is there a difference between knowledge and wisdom?

Wisdom can be both contextual (being a great fisherman or being a great soccer player or being a great copywriter) or it can be general (understanding and dealing with life in a healthy way as, say, a monk would be better equipped to do), and both of these kinds of wisdom can be helped with knowledge but knowledge isn’t a requirement for them to manifest and an IQ test has nothing useful to say about that. 

And remember it is also very important to share your knowledge with others, it is not because you give your knowledge to someone, that you lose it...

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