Suyin Aerts
April 12, 2019

Secrets to influence?

Are there things one should think about when you want to influence people? Or is it happening naturally? I think that being authentic is the best way to go. But how can you be authentic? Just being you? Yes! but also you need to know what your values are and what your mission is in life. If you want to build a tribe realize that a tribe is nothing more than a group of people who share the same values and want to follow the same mission.

So finding yours is the key to…everything.

I am not sure I like the word “influencer”....

But I agree that having the ability to influence people is valuable.

If you are trying to connect with someone influential in your field the last thing you should do is reach out in a needy way and ask them for something up front.

Go into it with the mindset that you are just trying to connect with others. Then, if you want something down the line that comes up in an organic and authentic way, you can reach out to your network.

For me networking is about listening, hear the questions and bring the question in contact with a possible answer within your network. It is as connecting dots which our not your own dots.

So someone that has an influence is very often a leader, and successful leaders know themselves and they are authentic, they honestly share who they are and what they can do.

To influence is touching organisations and people with your presence, building relationships and stimulate productive conversations between others.

Authentic leaders also realize they need to continue working on knowing themselves, know their weaknesses and operate from their strengths.

And when you do this, who knows, you might influence :-) others to do the same.

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