Suyin Aerts
April 18, 2019

Broken trust…

I am sure you all remember that first time your trust was broken. I remember it very well and it did not happen happened again. Even recently.

Good business and personal relationships are based on trust.  We like to interact and do business with people we feel comfortable with and have some degree of trust and rapport with.

Where there is high trust and resonance, in time, some of these relationships ripen into long lasting friendships.

And yet sometimes – in both our personal and professional lives – we  get betrayed in our trust.  We can be left feeling shocked, angry and hurt as we try and make sense of what just happened and why this might have happened.

Discovering a betrayal almost always brings out intense emotions such as loss, fear, sadness, shock, and disappointment.

These feelings are to be expected when someone you love or work with betrays your trust.

But we are responsible for our own wellbeing, and we should hang our wellbeing on the thing we control — our mindset.

We have to try to go into any new relation with eyes-wide-open and we need to continue being open-hearted and dive into it with a mind that is fully honest. And most importantly, it is about being relaxed. It is relaxed not in a denial or blind optimism or “hoping” kind of way, like “trust”, which leaves us vulnerable to being destroyed emotionally should the thing of broken trust occur again.

A trust advance is tearing down a wall without knowing what’s on the other side. You might be carried away by the wind, but you also might make a new friend.

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