Suyin Aerts
May 3, 2019


You know that feeling?

You feel like you are on top of the world, stepping out onto a stage, or hitting “publish” on a post. Then a disappointing email or a critical comment about your work sends you plunging into despair.

Unfortunately, we can’t always control the outcomes of our efforts. But we better prepare ourselves for the possibility of failure.

I think I really understood this way of working during my studies as a project manager. It helped me to temper my ever lasting perfectionism, the way my character is, but what I also learned as a dancer, as for a dancer it is never good enough.

Now I take some steps before everything I do, and I even dare to say it makes my work more efficient. I start by making a wish and I imagine the outcome (and that is my best result of course), but then I try to define the obstacles, the risks (within myself but also the risks that I might not be able to control). I try to think ahead about the pitfalls and try to reframe them as opportunities.

I also try to have more than 1 goal, in different areas, as a positive momentum in one domain can benefit the other domains.
II try to make a conscious effort to continually improve and push myself out of my comfort zone.

The greater your motivational reserves, the more you have to draw from for emotional contingency when the going gets tough.

By choosing yourself, and believing in yourself, all the other habits become useful building blocks you can add to this foundation.

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