Suyin Aerts
May 17, 2019

My unfair advantage?

Being in the media as a female entrepreneur, that is my unfair advantage! what is yours?

We must encourage entrepreneurship from an early age. As far as I'm concerned starting in elementary school already. Because we are actually all entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs of our own lives.

Jump, even before you have the feeling that you are completely ready, because as an entrepreneur things never go 100% according to plan. The biggest key to success is being flexible and go for an open and honest communication.

Everyone can do business, maneuverability is the greatest gift. But you also learn that on the way on your entrepreneur's path.

We are all unique. Our society craves diversity and is tired of unity sausage.

Not only what we know but also who we know is very important. And also who knows us!

Networking should be part of an entrepreneur's daily agenda, because you never do business alone. Co-creating is more than a buzzword, it is "the way-to-go", certainly in a world that will become even more complex in the future.

Too often I hear people say: "I want to do business, but I first want to find the gap in the market". My motto: stop secretly dreaming and stop searching for excuses for not taking the step.

Dare to dream out loud and accept that often your last mistake is your very best teacher. I am not saying that we should encourage everyone to fail, but you only write a story by trial and error. Certainly an entrepreneurial story.

Authentic leaders inspire by who they are and less by what they do. In today's world I see digitization as an opportunity that helps us to take steps forward and in that way make time for the one-to-one contact that we as human beings yearn for.

I really want to be a role model that encourages women to do business. Having a role model is crucial for young and less young people. I look up to many strong women myself, who demonstrate that it is possible and allowed to be successful.

I really believe in mentorship and coaching, because we all learn from each other. Bringing generations together leads, in my view, to synergy and I am convinced that we can, and should go further than today's society, which is based too much on compromises.

I like to help nurturing young people with real dreams. that belief in their own unique strengths. I believe in these young, creative people. They are the future!

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