Suyin Aerts
May 24, 2019

When you love the stage & the camera

I was very young when I discovered I really loved to be on stage. My first life on stage was as a dancer, expressing myself and my feelings true the story given by the choreographers.

Hard work, perseverance, day after day, to be able to express what the choreographer wanted, with as an extra challenge to get the technique right... Dancing is topsport after all.( I keep on telling the military guys around me :-))

I remember also to speak out loud and defend my thoughts and those of the ones in my class in front of the direction of the school. Feeling like fighting for "our rights", and being the spokesperson accepting the consequences, sometimes not such nice ones, but whatever, at least I could express the feelings of the crowd, someone has to do it.

As an actress I loved being in front of the camera. A challenge however as everything you had to make BIG on stage you need to get SMALL before a camera. But we got great help of the directors.

I always saw the camera as friend, it is special and probably a talent, as many many people I meet in front of the camera feel stressed because a big brother is watching.

After studying many topics, running a company, work with different teams made me broadening my view on the world and working on the knowledge day after day.....

....when I came back on stage and in front of a camera some years ago as a Moderator, Interviewer, Master of Ceremony, Presenter, Journalist, Keynote Speaker... it felt like coming home again.

The energy the stage brings me, the vitamines from the camera(the kind of love story that lasts forever), makes me jump out of bed day after day.

But also the preparation, talking with people, bounding before you go on that stage to make sure your guests look as marvelous as they can on that stage or in front of that camera, this also is very rewarding.

Being able to combine this life in the media with my life as a female entrepreneur...sometimes challenging, but amazingly great, almost no words (oh well I will always find the words I am afraid for those who like the silence :-)

And my motto is that to get interesting answers from people you need to ask the right questions, that's my drive, because my passion is to make people realize how important it is to ask yourself the right questions.

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