What if you start with the important work to be done first, instead of jumping on the work that needs to be done…

Why do we make certain things far more complicated, harder and more confusing then they are? Isn’t simple not exciting enough?

We fall to often in the trap of doing those tasks that take us a long time and cost us a lot of our energy. Yet, spending too much time on busywork leads to a lot of downsides such as increased stress, feeling overwhelmed, creating a false sense of productivity & accomplishment, and not achieving our business or personal goals.

That kind of busywork seduces us so much as it makes us feel very productive, it makes us feel important also, doing so many different things (and taking them out of our do-to lists)

And hell yeah we love to feel important! We are human after all.

But we should not only look to the quantity of the work that we have done, but more to the value of our work. Did the work make you progress to your goals, your personal goals, the things you really would like to achieve?

Are the likes on your posts bringing you something? Is that empty e-mail box bringing you something? Or is the feeling you have maybe a little fake? Is the reward you feel after the task is done in sync with the real value of the task you have done?

But as long as we can stay busy, we don’t feel the need to question ourselves. After all, we are crushing it right? We are hustling and working hard, so the fact that we don’t achieve our big goals can’t be due to our own failure, right?

Remember, it doesn’t matter how hard you work if you work on the wrong things. So eliminate instead of adding. When you continuously analyze which tasks are and aren’t worthy of your time, you’ll start to completely transform the way you work.

If you feel busy, busy, busy…something is not ok. If you start telling people you are so busy, busy, busy, something is very wrong!

What do you really need to do to achieve your goal? Change only happens when you execute. What is your goal?

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