Suyin Aerts
June 7, 2019

The last day …

Today is the last day I call myself "President"......or at least president of Artemis Brussel (a network for women)

I remember the first day I became president of Artemis Brussel, my daughters asked were the country was I became President from :-)

We speak 4 years ago, I do not know how many events, how many challenges and how many speakers, but it were definitely a lot of inspiring ladies I could give a stage to share their ideas. The core business I kept in mind was: "for women, from women."

I accepted this role as a volunteer because I wanted to help women to network, to realize how networking can help them in their professional life and in their personal challenges.

We live in an economic world where more and more women play a predominant role. This will also become imperative if we want to maintain economic growth and peace in our world. Exciting times lay ahead!

Especially for women, because the challenges they will face are going to be huge: combining a thriving career, involving multiple responsibilities, without losing sight of what happens on the home front. Because let’s face it, in our hearts, we want the career as much as being an excellent mother!

Oh, and, if possible, we want to stay young, attractive, sporty, mindful, we want to study, read, have a cool profile on social media and many, many more things.

And this is how we get to my main message. Creating a network, allowing you to combine all these things, creating trust, knowing this is absolutely required if you want to make all this happen.

I want to continue to inspire these female leaders, showing that combining aspects of life such as being an entrepreneur, a manager, a mother, a partner, friend… is possible. But you have to learn how to delegate, both professionally and in your family life.

In networking, there is the word “working”. It is something you need to work on. I am, however, convinced that this is you can work on. Practice makes perfect. But first you need to invest, like in many things in life.

Networking is an ongoing process, it is about you, it is about strategy and focus. Think about long term input and impact. It’s a story of giving and taking.

What goes around comes around.

Thank you to all those the women(and some men) who accepted my invitations to be on stage, thank you to all the people that helped me, sponsored me and were present on the events... those moments are forever in my memory and in my heart.

Thank you Dan to believe in my mission and the many hours I spent on this, without earning a penny, thank you Noa and Jade for the time you had to miss me as a mother. And a special thanks to my parents, always reaching out to give me the help I needed to combine my professional challenges, my role as a volunteer with running our family. I coud not have done this without all of your trust, love and help.

And off course this is not a goodbye( as yes I am working on something...)

See you soon!

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