Suyin Aerts
June 13, 2019


I realize that I have always been the curious kind. Looking at things differently, with an open mind & from new perspectives.

I also dare to ask people to explain me things, if talk talk about something I do not know. Funny situation when the people using the buzz words are incapabele to explain you. Maybe they should also have asked what it was about before using the terms....

Fake it till you make it has it's limits, right?

Curiosity however should not have limits, if we go look for confirmation on what we already know, what do we learn?

That our vision of the world is correct? What if the vision we have is flexible? What if the best person to challenge that vision, is you?

What if you accept that your curiosity will not only bring you a successful career, but also a happy life?

We tend to get told the world is as it is, but is not! Also appreciate the differences; the mental emotional and psychological differences between people. How can you value those differences? By realizing that all people do not see the world as it is but as they are, the way they have been conditioned.

Every day new discoveries and innovation pushes our world forward and makes our lives better.

Yesterday I was the MC and moderator of an event with the name 'Curiosity Forum'

I couldn't agree more with the message that Anders Indset gave us “Our leaders of today need the philosophy of the past, paired with the scientific knowledge and technology of tomorrow”.

What if curiosity simply makes you smarter?

What if curiosity makes you more emotional?

What if real leaders stay curious forever?

What if the void can also be a place to find your own curious creativity?

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