Suyin Aerts
June 21, 2019

An award?

I just booked my ticket and reserved my hotel to attent the final event in London, where the winners of the WINTRADE Award will be announced next Friday. And I am already very proud to be one of the finalist in the category "Women in Media"

Of course I want to win!

Maybe strange...or normal? I was wondering why winning is a little bit addictive in a way.

Maybe the feeling of winning is so important to each & every one of us because it forms the basis of everything you do. It’s a mixture of survival, motivation & actual tangible benefits.

I read somewhere that the fear of losing is what fundamentally drives our addiction of winning & ultimately most of our decision making. If this is true and if we’re so scared of losing, why don’t we just stay neutral? What is the urge to take conscious decisions to actually go out there and win? I guess it is human.

And it sometimes looks to some people that you have "those" people that always win, as if they have everything, accomplish everything, and do everything.

But winning is not just happening, it is about starting (even if you do not yet know how to), keep going (if there is a failure you just go on, learn from the mistake and move on). I do not wait for things to just happen, I make things happen.

It is about having that positive attitude, about evaluating your performance constantly(try to find how you can even do better even if you did good). Surround yourself with other winners, keep believing in yourself and do not spend your time but invest your time (in reading, writing, practicing,.... en get out there).

Learn how to focus and learn how to delegate (know your strengths and weaknesses and act from your talents)

Will this attitude work to come home with an award?

Oh well I will go to London with a winners attitude as I already feel like a winner thanks to the many votes and amazing things the people wrote as comments with their votes.

Thank you all for taking the time to vote, and let's hope the jury is also convinced...

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