Suyin Aerts
July 5, 2019

What does it take…

What does it take to become sucessfull in what you do?

A lot of things but for sure you will have to make sacrifices. Every successful person I know makes sacrifices — Money, relationships, time, etc. It is those who dare sacrifice what they cherish most that will reap the fruit of their labour. By going outside the norm, you will also disappoint some people and you will also disappoint yourself a lot along the way sometimes, so be prepared.

But I think were many people fail is that they do not have enough persistence. Persistence is about executing consistently and never giving up. Luckily as a dancer this is what they teach us at a very young age. Everybody struggles to do things they’re not familiar with. It’s how you overcome your struggles that makes or breaks a champion.  Many things are a combination of both talent and a lot of work. Nobody is perfect!

It is also a fact that we are all competing against other people who have the same goals. Sometimes it’s an active act, but a lot of times it’s passive. So it is about believing in yourself and being so good they cannot ignore you.

And remember not everyone will agree with what you are doing. There will come a point where people will criticize your work and your beliefs.

To become successful, you’ll get rejected many many times. You will get many “no” until you get the “yes” you’re seeking.

So be ready to take huge risks, put long hours, be persistent,fight disappointment, work hard, combat struggle, be disciplined, win over competition, have courage, accept criticism and personal failures, remove doubts, understand adversity, fuel off rejection and make sacrifices.

And enjoy every little success on your way to your bigger dream.

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