Suyin Aerts
July 19, 2019

A strategic habit.

Last week I wrote about setting goals if you really want to achieve something. And to surround yourself with professional people that will help you to eventually achieve your goal.

And these achievements becomes a pattern in your life. It becomes a habit.

But this is a very different type of habit than doing the same behavior over and over and over. These “habits,” that are essential for success are not. Setting a goal and realizing these dreams should become a habit in your life.

When you only do the same behavior repetitiously this makes you apathetic. Sometimes I see people in the gym for example that never push themselves in new and different ways. This will not bring you close to your goal, it is just a habit, even if it is a good habit to go to the gym, you should put goals. Wonder over and over again: why are you there?

Every time you learn something new, you face new battles that feel similar to the old battles. You develop the habit of learning and the process of faith. Faith in yourself, that when you go out of your comfort zone, you eventually achieve every goal. It doesn’t matter what you must learn, you’ve learned how to learn. 

You’re forced to get strategic, and to consistently make progress toward that new goal. As you do this, you eventually develop the confidence that you can do it.

This confidence, founded on hope, allows you to create new goals. Eventually, you learn that new thing and achieve that new goal.

Then you do it all over again.   It becomes a habit, a strategic habit.

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