Suyin Aerts
July 26, 2019


Criticism plays a large role in our lives – from the bully who tells you that your nose is too large, to the kind teacher helping you perfect your essay, to even a concerned parent who wants you to aim just a bit higher.

I can remember times when I have been offered biting criticism that went directly to my heart. It may have knocked my ego down at that moment but afterwards I was happy that the person gave me the critic. And if I would have the choice between getting corrective feedback and getting no feedback — I would prefer to get the probably the majority of all of us.

But depending on who you are, criticism can have the power to make you or break you. I think I like to actively avoid criticism and conflict, as I prefer an environment of trust, sharing, and communication. And yes I tend to take some things maybe to personal and it can feel as an attack on my complete "being". And I might become angry or emotional when I believe it is unfair criticism.

But I do see the value in clear, constructive criticism.

But I always try to deliver criticism myself in a way that is constructive and brought in a nice way with empathy, warmth and passion. Trying not to hurt the other's feeling in the process.

And I try to understand when I get criticism that it is because people care about what I do and that is not always a personal attack, even if is sometimes it is....

How do you feel about giving criticism or receiving criticism?

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