In French they say: ‘les excuses sont faites pour s’en servir’ .

And indeed we very often find too many excuses to do something or not to do something. We accept weak excuses from ourselves, because it’s quite convenient. We accept our own limiting beliefs, fears, and excuses. We do not have so much of a trouble excepting our own lie or excuse. But we do feel much more uncomfortable when we have to confess our lack of action to someone else — especially if we value that person’s opinion.

So maybe we need to start outsourcing our accountability to people we trust, respect, and value. People who set a high standard and who won’t let us off the hook easily. It could be a spouse, friend, colleague, mentor, or coach.

Thinking of myself, I would indeed do anything to avoid that others might perceive me as lazy, inconsistent, or unreliable.

This is why for me coaching feels so powerful. I create an environment that helps me to stay consistent and this way achieving goals and building new habits feels better compared to when I would do it all by myself. And beside being held accountable for my actions, I also gain many new insights.

So sharing your goals with others and asking them to become your accountability partner, a friend, colleague, spouse, mentor, or coach, will, I am sure, help you to guarantee consistency in your pursuit.

In return, you could also be an accountability partner for them and this way you will create a highly motivating and inspiring partnership that will accelerate your path to success.

No more excuses!

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