Suyin Aerts
August 23, 2019

A Chinese first-name

"You have an original name, I never heard it before, I do not know anyone with your name,...." how many times did I hear this in my life. Being younger it was not always so easy to explain, but now I can only be so grateful mu parents choose this name for me. Having an original name made it very easy to start my personal website and think about my branding.

Many people knowing me from phone or mail are surprised not to look into slit eyes when they first meet me, and believe it or not people directly check my eyes when I tell them my name is Chinese...

So reading Pascal Coppens book "China's New Normal" recently had an extra special feeling for me. He describes very wel in this book how we should absolutely change our outdated vision we might still have on China. As the huge country is not what it used to be. We were, during a very long time, only looking to the valley when we talked about innovation and technology, however Pascal, who is an author, keynote speaker, sinologist and technology entrepreneur gives so many examples on how China is leading the way and setting the standard for innovation.

At the end of the book he wraps up with 8 new innovation models. Ways of thinking that help Chinese companies and organisations to spread their wings and innovate rapidly. Because speed is going to be crucial to make it out there in China's New Normal.

Be loyal to your clients & innovate in small and achievable steps. Make the managers in your company entrepreneurs that do not fear changes & use technology as a weapon and not as a transformation proces as such. Invest in an ecosystem and become a player in that new system and do not fear to lose control on your customer as your customer in Europe will soon also trusts ecosystems as they do in China.

Think without limiting yourself by creating limits of budgets, timings, goals and labels, but really think out of the box and innovate by doing.

Innovation is mastery is one of the sentences I can not agree more on.

And last but not least: make business a personal matter and stop looking for that separation between personal life and business, as after all it are the people in the company that create the companies culture.

I can only tell you: read this great red book.

I never visited China until now but after reading the book I feel more then ever an urge to meet the people in the big country where my first name comes from. Thanks Pacal!

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