Suyin Aerts
September 27, 2019

I do not like to fit in.

“The ones who make it onto our radar, the ones who made an impact, have chosen to live a life of standing out, not fitting in.” -Seth Godin

We all know people who have a unique position in society. People who, either by choice or by force, are different. People who do not “fit in” for various different reasons. Outsiders know how dangerous it is to be stuck in one single environment for a long period of time.

They are constantly in movement…constantly pushing forward.

The values, beliefs and assumptions we are making about the world is what I would call a worldview. What really sets outsiders apart, probably is the degree to which they share a particular worldview with the people around them.

In my experience I constantly feel this paradox between wanting to be different and wanting to be accepted by the people around me.

I like to create borders to be able to walk outside those margins I create for myself. I want to know were I am going but I also love to able to decide to go the other way. Making decisions is not that easy sometimes, because of this fear of missing out.

I would need many more lives to be able to realize all of my dreams.

Maybe it is about time to stop pleasing, as I will never be able to please them all, and really chase my dreams, whether it makes me an outsider or not.

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