Suyin Aerts
October 4, 2019

Reading and series

I remember those days, I had the time to read. I remember the feeling to be completely lost in a book, wanting to know what was going to happen next. Mostly fiction of course, just for the fun of reading, the pleasure to read a well written book, a book with a great story, with amazing characters. Craving for the moment to go back to your book. Wondering what was going to happen with the characters you start feeling familiar with, at least for the time of the book. They become you friends almost.

Now I regret sometimes not to take the time to read "those" books, just for the fun of reading, I am so addicted to knowledge that I have piles of books, non-fiction books, business books, coaching books next to my bed, some that I have read already others I need to read still. Sometimes even feeling guilty I did not read them yet, especially if I know the people that wrote them.

On top of that I read so much on the internet, articles, blogs, to continue learning things, I think one can never know to much. Or things I need or want to read to get prepared for events or for my role as a moderator.

But it is a different way of reading, I do not get lost in those books and texts, on the contrary, I try to find my way.

I also remember the time I went to the movies, just for fun, lose myself in a story, the characters, the script...and feeling sad when it says "THE END". And when I get addicted to my next best Netflix series I have that same feeling again to loose myself in that story, as in a movie or a book.

But with my background of working on a set as an actor, being in front of a camera as a presenter, I do often think of work, as in : how would I play that role, what is the best role for me, and I check the quality of the things on the screen..., professionals will know what I mean. And hell yeah playing a role again in a series or a film, would be very nice.

I will continue watching series, however I think it is time again for at least one book a month or so. Maybe a good challenge for 2020: 1 book a month, that is 12 books.

Which one I should put on my list?

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