Yes I am convinced that networking is part of the game. But networking should not become the game. A pity when I see people having certain jobs that are actually not having the right skills to be were they are. And off course we need to help others and introduce them to people in our network. But I also think that besides being a nice and likable person it is also important to proof a certain quality in your work. Not only go out their and meet the people with power and a huge network, that introduce you to other people.

And to those people that have a strong network and have this influence I would like to say: think twice about the power you have when you introduce people to one another. Be sure you only introduce someone that convinced you of her/his qualities to someone else and not just because you found that person a nice person. And be clear on the fact how you know a person, because when you never worked with the person or do not have the capacity to judge their skills, be careful when you talk about the quality of their work.

Because very often people rely on you and your professionalism and expertise when they ask you if you can help them, because maybe they are not able themselves to judge certain people on their skills.

So be clear on the fact whether you think they are great because you worked with them or because people in your network seem to think they are doing a good job, or because you just know what they are doing…and they seem mile a person you can trust.

Nothing wrong with pointing out how you know a person. For example I do have a person in my network buying and selling football player, but I do not know anything about football and I never bought a player. I do know he is an amazing guy, being very professional but we worked on total different level. I do have many women in my networks being coaches, but I can only talk about some of them being a good coach out of my own experience. The others might be good, but…I do not know. I know some people speak certain languages on paper but I only spoke 1 with them…

Many examples to give but be aware that when people see you as influencer you can easily help in making somebody big and also to break someone. So think twice and be clear in your recommendations, because one day quality always drives and people might reconsider your qualities…

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