Suyin Aerts
November 15, 2019

The first impression

We all know we only get one chance to make a first impression. Whether in business or in any other context.

But to not forget that when you made that great first impression and you promised something you have to deliver it. Even if it was a small commitment (sending the title of a book), it was a commitment just the same. More importantly, it was the first chance for that new person to judge you on your commitment to your word.

For that you can make reminders immediately upon any commitment, large or small, and schedule a task to ensure I deliver on my commitment every single time if you know you tent to forget this kind of things.

And yes sometimes I also think: does it never stops? Even though it may seem like you’re meeting the same people, or meeting people who are not obviously helpful, never stop networking. You are your network. In 10 years, your network will have a huge effect on your personal success.

And then you need to stay connected, because this is the most important quality in a successful connector. Because if not, all of your networking hours are wasted unless you keep the people you meet in your orbit.

I do not believe a lot in work-life balance, I believe in being in balance as a person. And we all now that most of us want to enjoy life so go to those events that are fun, the more social the events, the better, because after all work is part of your life so you better make it a fun part.

And be desirable but be disireless, be your most memorable self, do not have an agenda when you meet people for the first time.

Try to listen more than you talk. Off course if both of you do this it will be very quiet :-) So when you talk about yourself, make sure you are excellent, show the people what you are passionate about and do not come with your sales pitch.

And when the conversation is slowing down, yes this can happen it might not always be a love date, be polite shake hands but leave. Because you do not want a first meeting to be remembered as an awkward standing next to each other without anything else to say.

Than the bar is where I go.

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