Some years ago we made this picture comparing our children eyes with ours. If I had known ….

On a Sunday night one year ago I looked you in the eyes and we kissed goodnight….If I had known ….

On a Monday morning exactly one year ago I noticed we forgot to blow the candle before we went to sleep. If I had known…

I might have made these moments last a little longer or might have wondered why we left a light one…

Why did it happen, is there a reason for everything… ?

Sorry, Simon Sinek sometimes you do not need to wonder why because it brings you nothing. And an eye for an eye would make the whole world blind Mahatma Gandhi said.

The only thing that is clear after a year filled with heavy operations … is that you do not need 2 eyes to have a vision.

And that when life gets blurry, you need to adjust your focus.

And stronger than ever I see in you, Dan Vandevoorde, what might be invisible for others…that you are stronger than a rock, even stronger and more positive than I could even wish for… And we both know we are not quite there yet…but at least we learned to see better with our hearts.

And what if the only reason to be alive is to enjoy it?

Editorial note: Time flies…one year(19/11/2019) ago my partner had a very stupid accident(but I guess almost all accidents are very stupid) which touched his right eye so severely it exploded. In a year he had 6 operations, however he can still not use the eye to see at the moment.

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