The problem with taking ourselves too seriously is that we look for approval . We allow people to become our judges.

When you convince yourself that the world is a stage, you become an actor who must perform to please. That mindset can make the rest of your life miserable. Living our lives as an endless performance is exhausting — we’re always playing a part.

You don’t have control over as many things as you think. There’s nothing you can control except right now, this moment, and your availability to it. Ask yourself simple questions to keep things in perspective.

Imagine a world where everyone prioritized self-care and their own well-being first before stressing about everything wrong in their lives. A relaxed personality is not an indication that you’re irresponsible.

Success can be great, but it’s not without stress. Tight deadlines, increasing demands, rising expectations.

So do not forget you need to exercise, eat right, sleep well, and create time for personal development as these are a few ways to energize yourself. Don’t forget to focus on mental and emotional well-being.

Stop taking everything so seriously and go for what you want, but make sure to have fun in the process.

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