Suyin Aerts
December 6, 2019

Small becomes big

A lot of people say that small things repeated consistently turn into big things. And indeed if you don’t pay attention to your life on a daily basis, it will absolutely drift in directions you may not like. And we all have a mind, a body and thoughts. And very often where your thoughts go you life also goes. I think you will agree you can not do everything and focus on everything at the same time. So decide what and who is most important to you to spend your day with or on.

We do not see and hear everything around us because there is so much out there, we see what our brain is looking for. We all see, hear, smell and notice different things and different people, even if we are on the same square in the same city, with the same weather.

And if you are honest with yourself what your life is today is what you sow before. So if you want something to be different, take control of your mind and give it a try whether you can be in control of your experiences. As it is about making choices and deciding what you want to do with your time.

Because you need to be there to be able to plant the seeds for your desires.

So yes every day matters, every choice matters and probably you will not see the consequences immediately but when you do small things consistently you will notice that they will become big.

So with the year coming to his end in some weeks, think about it: is it time to plant some new seeds?

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