Suyin Aerts
December 19, 2019

The First Lady

For a new challenge in 2020 I wanted an original title, as I do not believe that much in titles.

But than I thought what role would I love to have?

What would it feel like to be the The First Lady I wondered?

Thinking about Michelle Obama, who I find an amazing women. Although I do not(yet) know her personally. I am also a huge fan of House of Cards and I would love to play the role of the First Lady...

I also would love to be a Bond Girl, but that is another story and would not really fit this challenge and people might misunderstand my role. :-)

Do I have a vision in this new role, yes I do!

Vision is a skill that gets cultivated like anything else. And there’s nothing magical about it. It means taking the time to actively imagine the details of a future possibility. Developing a vision requires practice envisioning.

But it is not the only challenge for 2020, I have some more (secret for the moment) plans. And I know that success takes focus and courage—focus to resist tempting distractions and courage admit when we’re on the wrong path.

And I know myself and that excitement of new beginnings that sometimes blinds me to the long, winding nature of the road to excellence. But do not get this wrong this is completely part of my journey, fits my higher goals and plans.

So what about 2020?

This might sounds harsh but I am done with average in the coming year and I know maybe some think that average is just fine. But that is maybe the problem. I think we need to quit average in order to become exceptional.

Isn't that the challenge to feel exceptional in life and to make others feel exceptional to you?

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