Suyin Aerts
December 26, 2019

Craft ….

Can we craft our ideal existence?

What is for sure is that we can systematically collect data about ourselves so we are able to have the possibility of making informed decisions about what to do to be happy.

Last year was a lot about this for me, learning new things about myself based on data that is there, from the past, from memories, from dreams for the future. I feel that the next year is about making those pieces of the puzzle work in becoming my bigger picture. A picture that is a never ending story.

Because never ending stories are the best onces!

I think there might not be an aha-moment if you don’t engineer your life for it to happen. What if luck only becomes relevant after you’ve got this system in place?

But you need to observe how doing certain activities and surroundings make you feel. Mold your life accordingly. Build your daily life to last, in line with your hard-earned in data points.

For this I had to try a bunch of stuff myself and I must admit it is a challenge sometimes to notice what bites me more compared to other things.

But it is always about going out there, stay curious, take classes, read books, articles, meet people, socialize, agree and disagree, challenge the status quo....

Make yourself uncomfortable from time to time and force yourself to do things and put yourself in difficult contexts.

So when you think about your good intentions for next year, make them like fireworks!

Disciplined action.

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