Suyin Aerts
January 3, 2020

Finding the time?

Is just impossible, if you think you are able to realise something when you find the time, I think you will never realise as much as you could. Because one thing is for sure you will never find the time in between all the things you are already doing right now.

Is it more about taking the time?

It is in a way like leaving on a holiday, before you leave you pack, mostly based uppon what you plan to do during that time and you try to imagine what the weather will be like. But for some holidays in life you do not exactly now what you might need, so it is hard to get your luggage done. And who would like to live a life based uppon the weather anyway!

Well maybe if you want to realise a dream it is about imagining the dream and just go out their without your luggage, feeling confident you can probably get and buy what you need once you get there.

But when a dream is not about a holiday but about a life style, it comes with some goals. It is about challenges you want to overcome and opportunities you want to dare to take.

So for me this new decade is about making small decisions to reinvent the way I live at the moment, as I am convinced that it will be the small things that will make me realise those big dreams for the months and years to come.

Do I leave without a plan and without luggage towards that dream as if it was a fata morgana?

No I more think of it as a business plan for my own life. A plan about the do's and most of all, also about the dont's. As after all we are all the entrepreneurs of our own life.

And I do not want to look back on a mediocre life. Where I would ignore my goals and dreams. I do not want to live to be less than I know I can be and where I live on someone else’s terms.

This reinvention of myself will never end, as I believe this is how we grow. And it is not about changing yourself against all odds, it is more about listening to the little child inside you to whom we ask what do you want to become when you are a grownup?

So is it about new years resolutions?

No it is about something much bigger, but I do admit that the year 2020 (for someone who likes numbers like I do) is a great opportunity.

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