Suyin Aerts
January 10, 2020

An image

One of the quotes we use very often in our business ( I run and own a company called X-Treme Creations) is that an image says more than a thousand words. And that is something that I am very sure of. We should not underestimate the image we project of ourselves, both online and offline.

But I do think we should stop trying to "create" an image of ourselves. It is about showing who you really are in a strong and consistent way.

Remember the time when you were young and tried to act very cool? Did others really think you were cool?

The image we project is often different from how others view us.

I must say I see people projecting things (very often online) but also in real life and I never believed some of the things they professed or shared .... Authenticity was lacking in a way.

People form a story based on how you live your life, how you treat others, what you believe in, the work you do, the passions you pursue, the help you give, and the actions you take.

You’ll feel much more at ease being yourself than trying to fit into a persona you think others will admire.

I will not lie, I still care how others view me, but I no longer let the fear of judgment stop me from doing things that bring me joy.

How many wannabe writers, entrepreneurs, and artists are waiting for someone to say it’s okay what they do?

For 2020 I suggest you stop waiting for someone’s approval. Declare you’re going to do it and make it happen.

Give yourself permission. Succes!

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