Suyin Aerts
January 17, 2020

Sports & Art

Sometimes I have mixed feelings as on one hand I feel like my career started as a topsporter and on the other hand it feels as it started as an artist.

But more and more I think it actually was the mix of both that brought me where I am now. A blend of an artist and a sporter. What you reach as a sporter is not subjective. You are the fastest or you are not. You win the game or you lose it. But what you make and produce as an artist can bring you success but is very subjective. As not everybody will like your work.

But what is for sure is that based on my character and the combination of my training as a dancer and the experience in my professional life I indeed always aim for the wining status. I think I would not only be happy doing the work I also want the world to see my work.

So maybe it is time to start writing and producing some content with the message I want to bring to the world. And fight for it so it gets published and produced.

But it is sometimes tough to believe in your own talent before you reach that successful status. And even if you are successful, I think you always worry if the success wil go away one day.

Am I as good as I was yesterday? Will I be tomorrow? What’s my trajectory? I am proud of what I do now, but it doesn't mean you can just relief.

Will being talented and ambitious enough to reach that goal I have in mind for this year?

I think dancing cultivated my discipline. It is where I learned that an artist and a topsporter are always and forever practicing, that practice is the thread connecting one day to the next.

Maybe a career is more like a checkerboard and we should not see as a ladder...

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