Suyin Aerts
January 24, 2020


I like goals and in a way I need a goal from time to time to get my focus again. But a goal is something that goes away once you hit it. Right?

So true motivation shouldn’t come from your goals alone.I see many people spending a lot of time on optimizing their strategy, and maybe not enough on questioning whether they’re chasing worthwhile aims in the first place.

Many people have unimportant goals, and making a goal out of something does not suddenly make it valuable or important. 

So we should not lose sight of the fact that achieving a goal is not necessarily achieving something of importance.

Maybe it is a good idea when you set a goal to already think of what is next.

Is a goal sometimes not a stop to congratulate yourself that you made it to this checkpoint. A checkpoint on the story you want to write ... as the end of a chapter... eager to start the next chapter...

So when you set a goal think whether it is your addiction to be a goalgetter making you set just another unimportant goal for you to have an aim to get your self moving towards either direction.

Or is this goal part of a bigger plan and the goal just a checkpoint to reach to be able to move further?

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